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The information we offer on Atzsport is solely for informative and general informational purposes, and using our website is completely free. Never use the content for unethical behavior.

We make an effort to deliver reliable information on football match listings. However, the information is solely offered for accurate purposes, and users should take it at their own risk.

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If any content on our website is deemed as being illegal either in the country viewed, then we will remove the material as soon as we are made aware. However, We are not responsible for anything published in the period before we had been informed.

Although Atzsport frequently adds new designs, articles, and features to its website, we cannot guarantee that it is error-free. We are not required by law to update the provided information, therefore it could become out-of-date at any time.

Limitation of our liability

When a user uses our website, Atzsport is not responsible for any loss or damage that results from that use. This includes any harm that results from:

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By accessing Our site you accept full responsibility and agree to the concomitant risk. As a responsible company, ATZSport will take all reasonable steps to reduce this risk but should not be held liable for matters beyond our control.

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ATZSport will not tolerate any attempts to maliciously utilize malware or launch attacks on the website. Your right to access our site will instantly expire, and the necessary law enforcement agencies will be notified.

External links and sources

When our site includes external links to third party websites and resources, those links are only offered for informational purposes. Most links go directly to our business partners who offer services relating to sports.

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